Winsted BOE votes to send some ninth graders to Litchfield High School

Winchester Public Schools seal
Winchester Public Schools seal

WINSTED — During their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 8, the Board of Education approved a contract with the Litchfield School District to send a limited number of ninth-grade students to Litchfield High School.
According to Superintendent of Schools Melony Brady-Shanley, she worked with Litchfield School District Superintendent Chris Leone in order to offer ten spots for students in the Winsted school district to enroll at the high school.
Currently, ninth-grade students in the school district are served by the semi-private Gilbert School.
“We want to start this experience in a small way,” Brady-Shanley told the board. “This is happening for two reasons: the Board of Education is seeking additional educational opportunities for our students. Also, we have had feedback from certain families asking why they can’t have other choices. We wanted to see how a relationship like this could benefit our school district.”
Brady-Shanley said that if more than 10 students ask to be transferred to Litchfield High School, the school district would hold a public lottery to determine who gets to attend.
“As for transportation, right now we’re working with the Torrington School District because they have 26 students that travel to Wamogo Regional High School, which is right near Litchfield High School,” she said. “We would be able to have a common pick-up bus stop and share transportation costs with Torrington’s School District to be able to afford busing.”
However, Brady-Shanley said that if the ninth-grade students would want to join after-school programs, including sports teams, it would be a parent’s responsibility to transport them for after-school programming.
She added that the contract between the Winchester and the Litchfield School Districts is only for one year.
Litchfield High School is approximately 18 miles away from Winsted.

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