Proposed Improvements to Winsted Water Works Announced

Winsted Town Seal
Winsted Town Seal

WINSTED/PRESS RELEASE — The Winchester Water Sewer Commission is seeking to borrow from the Connecticut Department of Public Health Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) the sum of $6.2 million for three infrastructure projects to benefit the Winsted Water Works.

  • The first project involves the replacement of 4,000 feet of cast iron water mains of small diameters constructed between 1895 and 1954. These water mains are located under Case Avenue, Center Street, Greenwoods Avenue, Thibault Avenue, and the eastern section of Holabird Avenue. The new water mains will maintain water quality, require less flushing and provide better flow.

  • The second project consists of replacing the decommissioned 1.5-million-gallon water storage tank on Wallens Hill. This 46-year-old tank was taken out of service due to substandard exterior paint, low chlorine residual and disinfection byproduct concerns. The replacement tank will be 500,000 gallons and will maintain fire protection, water quality and water pressure on the east side of town.

  • The third project will be the construction of a 500,000-gallon water storage tank located at the Crystal Lake Water Treatment plant located on Route 263. The existing 25-year-old 1,000,000-gallon storage tank requires rehabilitation. While this tank is being repaired, the new tank will maintain proper system operation. The new tank will serve as a secondary storage to the main tank when it has been repaired and bring storage capacity to the 2-3 days that is recommended by industry standards.

At this time, Winsted Water Works has no outstanding debt. The proposed borrowing and related debt service for these three projects will not cause an increase in current water rents to the existing 2,573 customers. No property taxes are used to fund the Winsted Water Works. Photos of existing structures and deterioration, along with maps covering the projects listed above can be seen on the Winchester Water Sewer Commission website.

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