UPDATED Selectmen’s meeting recap: state won’t pay for Sucker Brook culvert repairs, possible permitting process for rallies at East End Park

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Editor’s note: according to State Rep. Jay Case on our Facebook page:
“The STEAP contracts have yet to go our for the $128,000 Winchester applied for. No monies can be released from State for work already completed as stated in STEAP paperwork. I personally set up a meeting with the state and town last week to get the full story. The bottom line the contract with the state needed to be in process first. The state would be happy to pay as long as ALL rules are followed. We are working to see what else can be done in the meantime. Heading of story is misleading!!”

The story, including the headline, was based on what was said by Town Manager Robert Geiger at the March 15 meeting.

WINSTED — The state is refusing to pay for the repair of a culvert at Sucker Brook Road, according to Town Manager Robert Geiger.
At the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Monday, March 15, Geiger said that the state promised $128,000 in funding for the project, but the Department of Transportation (DOT) is “pushing back” on the town’s claim for funding.
“We have yet to receive money from the state and we are struggling with that project,” Geiger told the board. “[The DOT] said that when the construction bids for the project had to be signed, we had started to run into a timing issue. But we feel that we submitted everything on time. I think that Covid delayed some things from the state. We also explained to them that it had to be worked on during the deep drawdown of Highland Lake, which only happens every several years.”
Geiger said that the project still has another $30 to $40 thousand worth of work and that a partial resolution from the state may be on the horizon.
Permitting process for rallies, protests, and demonstrations at East End Park
Geiger told the board that on March 11 he discussed setting up a system of permits and fees for the use of East End Park with several town officials, including Winchester Police Chief William Fitzgerald, Fire Marshal Steven Williams, and Recreation Department Director Tanya Risucci.
He said that the town is still determining the permitting system for the park and that the Recreation Department would be overseeing it when it is established.
Geiger added that the permitting system would regulate protests, rallies, and demonstrations at the park.
Through the years, various groups and organizations have gathered at the park including the Winsted Peace Action Group, Power Up Winsted, along with several rallies held in support of former President Donald J. Trump.

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