After nine years, Cormier to retire from Colebrook Senior Center

The Colebrook Senior Center. Picture from the center's Facebook page.

COLEBROOK — After nine years of serving as the director of the Colebrook Senior and Community Center, Barbara Cormier announced her retirement on the center’s Facebook page on November 19.
Her last day as the director is scheduled to be on Thursday, Dec. 17.
In an interview with The Winsted Phoenix, Cormier, a native of Sandisfield, Mass., said that she had a wonderful time serving the community.
“I’m only retiring because I’m getting old, and I don’t have the strength to do all of the shopping and heavy-duty work this job requires,” Cormier said. “The volunteers have been all awesome, and the administration has been very good and supportive.”
When asked what she would miss about being director, Cormier said that she will miss the residents of Colebrook.
“They are all quite wonderful,” Cormier said. “They were always wonderful. They have always been supportive and I never once had a problem with them. In my opinion, this is one of the best senior centers in the state.”
When asked what advice she would give the new director, Cormier said “have a good time and have fun with it.”
“I would like to thank Colebrook residents for your support over the years and taking part in so many of our events,” she added.

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