Hartford Denim Company moves to New Hartford

From left to right: Luke Davis, Meg Ford, Melissa Hadvab, Marshall Deming, and Marshall Deming III. Photo by Darcy Abbott.
From left to right: Luke Davis, Meg Ford, Melissa Hadvab, Marshall Deming, and Marshall Deming III. Photo by Darcy Abbott.

NEW HARTFORD — After more than 10 years in business, the Hartford Denim Company, aka HARDENCO, has moved its offices and factory to New Hartford.
Co-owner Marshall Deming and Luke Davis are both residents of New Hartford and, for a long time, wanted to relocate their business to the town they live in.
“We wanted to move the business closer to us so we could both have less of a commute and more family time,” Deming said to Darcy Abbott during an interview on her radio show “The Hot Spot” on radio station WAPJ-FM.
Abbott is a board member of The Winsted Phoenix and recently interviewed Deming and Davis.
HARDENCO is now at the former location of A&L Parts Specialties on 196 Main Street.
“When we started making jeans 10 years ago, we were looking for a quality that was long forgotten,” Davis said. “We wanted to make the kind of jeans our grandfathers wore, but not with a dumpy fit. We wanted to have a more modern fit, the heavy high-quality construction that you would find from a pair of jeans from the 1940s.”
Both Deming and Davis emphasized that their jeans, work shirts, coats, work aprons, and custom clothing are not the kind that you would find at a shopping mall or a big box store.
“We use super heavy materials that are super tough, and we overbuild them and over reinforce them,” Davis said.
“We use natural materials because they age better,” Deming said. “All of our fabrics are cotton-based. We are trying to source our materials from the United States as much as possible.”
Something else that HARDENCO offers that big box stores do not offer is unlimited free repairs on all of their work.
“We develop relationships with all of our customers,” Davis said. “Unlimited free repairs allows us to recognize patterns of wear, but also to come up with solutions to mitigate wear ahead of time. We use it as a kind of working development process to improve our product. It’s also great to understand the needs of customers along with new trends.”
HARDENCO is located at 196 Main Street in New Hartford. For more information call 860-880-0495, email at hartforddenim@gmail.com, or go to the company’s website at www.hardenco.com or its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Hardenco-227610577301396/

Photos by Darcy Abbott

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