Town’s Zoning Enforcement Officer to be out for three months

WINSTED — Marc Melanson, who is the town’s Zoning Enforcement Officer and housing inspector, is taking a leave of absence for the next three months according to members of the Planning and Zoning Commission.
The commission discussed Melanson during their regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 26.
Members of the commission did not discuss why Melanson was taking a leave of absence.
“Any idea what’s going to be done for zoning enforcement?” commission member Peter Marchand asked Chairman George Closson.
Closson asked town Land Use Assistant Pamela Colombie if it was possible to hire someone to fill in for Melanson on a per diem basis.
Colombie said that she could fill in for Melanson when it comes to zoning enforcement and that she is already signing off on zoning permits.
“If you see something, say something,” Colombie said.
“I know you already had a conversation with Town Manager [Robert Geiger] a month or two about this, and now that we don’t have a zoning enforcement officer per se for three months, you need to make everyone aware of it,” Marchand said.
Colombie said that Melanson may not be out for three months, but for a shorter time.
Closson said that he would consult with Town Manager Geiger to “get some definition of what’s going on with this.”
“I’ve said this before: if we don’t have zoning enforcement then what’s the point of all these land use boards?” Closson said. “We’re wasting time.”
“We’re talking about short rentals, enforcement issues, and inspection issues,” Marchand said. “Unless we get town officials on board with it, we’re spinning our wheels and wasting a whole lot of time.”
“What happened to all the stuff that was supposed to be enforced months ago?” commission member Art Melycher asked.
“We got stuff that hasn’t been enforced for a year that’s still sitting there,” Marchand said.
“There are issues with us and there are issues with wetlands,” Closson said. “I’ve had many meetings with Geiger about it, but I’m not sure where it’s going.”