Monday, June 14, 2021

Vacant Main Street building demolished

Photos by Chris Rabago

WINSTED — A long-standing vacant building on 508 Main Street was demolished on Wednesday, Oct. 21.
The property was the location of a very short-lived Mexican restaurant and before that was a location of a brick oven pizza restaurant.
It was built in 1956 and went through a series of owners until it was purchased by McCann & Zeolla Real Estate Investment LLC in 2007.
Town records show that McCann & Zeolla have not paid over $12,000 in property taxes since 2017.
In March, the town took ownership of the building due to overdue taxes.
The Board of Selectmen approved a bid waiver back in June to demolish the building.
Back at a selectmen’s meeting in June, Town Manager Robert Geiger said that six to eight parking spaces will take the place of the building.
“We need parking on that part of Main Street for the businesses, badly,” Geiger said at the meeting. “The building itself is in really bad shape. It could be rehabbed, but we have 32 vacant storefronts on Main Street and it is not like we are hurting for space. This is as much economic development as anything else. This is a very difficult building to take down and it is a difficult project and you have to know what you are doing to do this.”
Demolition work is being conducted by Mountain Top Trucking of Winsted.

Before demolition – photo via the town’s property database.
Shaw Israel Izikson
Editor of The Winsted Phoenix.