Tuesday, June 15, 2021

State Rep. Case denies allegations made by candidate Rodriquez and stepson

NORTHWEST CORNER — State Rep. Jay Case (R-63) has denied allegations made by Democratic Candidate Noel Rodriquez and a stepson that were made via Rodriquez’s campaign.
On Monday, Oct. 5, residents in the Northwest Corner received in the mail a postcard from Rodriquez’s campaign that said on one side “Sexual assault allegations are serious and Jay Case must resign!”
On the other side of the postcard appears to be a reprint of a witness statement from the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Safety Division of the State Police.
The apparent statement was made by Stuart Maher who is the son of Case’s ex-wife.
Many details of the apparent witness statement have been redacted.
On the postcard, it said that it was paid for by Rodriquez’s campaign.
According to the state’s court database, as of Wednesday, Oct. 7, there are no pending criminal or legal cases involving Rep. Case.
New Haven Civil Rights Attorney Alexander Taubes is representing Maher.
According to Taubes in an interview with The Winsted Phoenix, Maher was allegedly living with Case and his mother, Case’s ex-wife, from when he was 13 to 18 years old.
Taubes said that Maher gave a witness statement to the State Police on Wednesday, Sept. 30.
“Maher is accusing Case of being abusive for a long period of time,” Taubes said. “There were three incidents in particular that he described to me that jumped out as criminal conduct that I felt should be reported to the authorities.”
Due to the graphic nature of the alleged incidents as described by Taubes, The Winsted Phoenix has chosen not to republish the allegations.
“But more broadly, Maher feels very strongly that Case was an abusive stepfather,” Taubes said. “It feels like he now has a chance and an opportunity to speak out about it.”
Taubes said that a decision on whether or not charges will be filed will be up to the state.
Taubes said that he is contemplating filing a civil lawsuit against Case.
“I am gathering evidence, preparing and investigating,” Taubes said.
The Winsted Phoenix reached out to Rep. Case for comment but he did not respond to calls for comment for this story.
However, In response to the allegation, Oct. 5, House Republican Spokesman Pat O’Neil sent a press release to The Winsted Phoenix.
In the press release, Case is quoted as denying the allegations.
“I’m infuriated by Noel Rodriquez’s despicable mailer that hit boxes today,” Case is quoted in the press release. “I can’t overstate how outrageous this allegation is, and I categorically reject, 100 percent, any claim of wrongdoing. Eight years ago, I enthusiastically campaigned to be your state representative because I wanted to help others…to do what I could to make our communities a little bit better, and I’m proud of my work so far. Today, I’m both disappointed and disgusted by this malicious, coordinated attack from Rodriquez and political operatives who have empowered his reckless actions.”
The Winsted Phoenix attempted to contact Rodriquez several times for this story but he could not be reached for comment.
On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Rodriquez posted the following comment on his campaign’s Facebook page:
“I am disgusted by Jay Case’s deplorable behavior. The pain and suffering he maliciously and consistently inflicted upon his step-son are unforgivable. This is not about politics, this is not about party, and it’s not about this election. What you did to this boy, you will have to live with for the rest of your life. You can try to play the victim, but the truth is there was no coordinated attack, there was no operatives. There was only you and what you did to that boy. I reserve my empathy for the victim and will continue to fight and protect the children of the 63rd, including my own!”
In July, The Republican-American published an article on Rodriquez “Torrington candidate had criminal past pardoned” which can be found at this link:
The State Police’s Department of Public Safety and Public Information Department were both contacted for this story, but had not responded at press time.

Shaw Israel Izikson
Editor of The Winsted Phoenix.