Residents raise money for school field trip

Colebrook Consolidated School's annual fundraiser
Colebrook Consolidated School's annual fundraiser for fifth grade's field trip. Pictured are volunteers at the event.

COLEBROOK — Colebrook Consolidated School held their annual fundraiser for the fifth grade class on Saturday, Oct. 5.
Proceeds from the fundraiser goes to the class for their sixth grade field trip to Nature’s Classroom In Rhode Island.
Parents of students sold pumpkins, mums, homemade baked goods, clam chowder and jewelry to benefit the class trip.
“Nature’s Classroom is great for the children because it allows them to do things they can’t do in our school’s classroom,” math and social studies teacher Alyssa Duquette said. “Things like going out to sites on the shore where they can look at creatures and tide pools.They can do a lot of hands on learning with specialists who are knowledgeable.”
Duquette said that there are 10 students in the fifth grade currently enrolled at the school.
“One of the main things about this field trip is that it’s a bonding experience and a shared learning experience,” Duquette said. “These students have great memories of school thanks to this field trip.”