Colebrook Fair: 75 years of homegrown fun for everyone


The Colebrook Lions Club, one of the many organizations that took part in the annual Colebrook Fair.

COLEBROOK — The 75th annual Colebrook Fair, which was held on Saturday, Aug. 31, was a celebration of the town, its residents and traditions.
The main attractions at the fair were the frog jumping contest, pet show, and the cardboard boat regatta.
For the frog jumping contest, children brought their frogs with them to see which one could jump the longest distance.
The pet show included all sorts of animals from dogs to chickens.
Meanwhile, residents put their sailing skills and creativity at the fair’s cardboard boat regatta, which was held at the pond at the end of Cooper Lane.
Throughout the day local community groups took part in the event, including The Colebrook Lions Club, volunteers at the Colebrook Senior and Community Center, the Colebrook Congregational Church along with many other groups and organizations, along with 75 vendors at the event.
At the Colebrook Community and Senior Center, resident Janet Fredsall was selling homemade pies to benefit the center.
“I was born in Colebrook, so I’ve been coming to the fair for a very long time,” Fredsall said. “The fair has always been popular because it’s a place to meet everyone. Our mothers always came here, so when we were children we had to come with them. But I always wanted to come here every year because there is so much to do. I’ve been coming here for almost 75 years and I never get tired of it.”
“It’s a beautiful day and you really can’t ask for a better day than this,” First Selectmen Tom McKeon said. “Every year, the crowds keep getting bigger and we keep getting more vendors. As for Colebrook, we are an isolated town and people seem to enjoy being off of the beaten track. I think that what the main draw to Colebrook is.”
Over at Cooper Lane, more than 100 classic car owners took part in a car show, organized by resident Sherri Grey.
“This is the seventh year we’ve held this at the fair and classic cars brings people from all over the area,” Grey said. “It’s all about Americana at the fair. The people of Colebrook are great and at the fair, everyone is smiling. Colebrook shines on fair day.”

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